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The T-patch is a .020" aluminum sheet with a self adhesive backing available in a variety of sizes, and in finishes of natural satin and gloss polar white. See below for use and standard sizes.  

The Problem:


Holes, punctures and tears in trailer and container siding, roofs and front radius are a big drain on resources.  Minor damages from scrapes, skids, forklifts, and road hazards result in major delays, repair costs, idle equipment, and damaged cargo.  Conventional permanent fixes take time and money to repair due to the need for special equipment and labor skills.   Temporary fixes are aesthetically and structurally inferior, and don’t solve the problem…..they are only temporary solutions!


The Challenge:


Develop a trailer patch that has the following characteristics:

  • Resists corrosion and provides a permanent waterproof repair – stands up to inclement weather.
  • Economical to buy and apply.
  • Simple enough to be applied by anyone.
  • Pliable enough to mold around curves and sharp bends, but structurally sound.
  • Time tested and proven reliable.


The Solution:


T-Development came up with a simple but effective solution – the T-patch!  An aluminum, self-adhesive patch for trailers, containers --- virtually anything with a hole or tear.


  • Permanent and waterproof
  • The aluminum sheeting, lined with an integrated layer of closed foam adhesive, provides a permanent and waterproof bond.


Economical and easy to apply!


  • The patches come ready-to-apply immediately – no need for rivets, special tools, or skills.  Just peel back to expose the adhesive and apply in a fraction of the time of other typical riveted patches.


Structurally sound yet moldable!


  • The aluminum sheeting can be cut to fit the desired size, and can be bent or molded to fit around sharp angles and curves without expensive tooling; yet provides a rigid cover over the affected area.


Time tested and proven reliable!


  • The T-Patch was developed over 40 years ago, and has endured the test of time, while other “fads and gimmicks” have faded away.




The aluminum comes in bright white or natural satin finish.  The overall thickness (including adhesive) is approximately .050”. 


Standard sizes include:

18 x 30 

12 x 12

10 x 10

6 x 12

6 x 6


(Other sizes available upon request; we can accommodate most all custom sizes)

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