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"T" Development and Sales was begun by Simon Trapani over 35 years ago. During the course of his job as maintenance manager at a large shipping and container terminal in the Port of Oakland, CA,  he was increasingly frustrated with the manpower spent repairing and waterproofing damaged containers. Of particular annoyance was the riveted steel patch used on container and trailer roofs and siding, which took an inordinate amount of time to install. An otherwise sound trailer had to sit idle for fear of weather infiltration while awaiting time to be set aside for repairs by skilled workers, who had to be pulled away from normal maintenance duties to fix holes in the trailer panels. In addition, the time the skilled laborers spent on these tasks was keeping them away from the skilled labor they were trained for, and resulted in other delays.

After years of experimenting with various components and adhesives, Simon developed a self adhesive aluminum patch that produced exactly what he was looking for - the T-Patch. Quick and simple to apply, permanent in its application, water tight in it's seal, moldable in its make-up, yet sturdy enough for the weather and abuse typically encountered by commercial transporters, the T-Patch  had what he and the industry was looking for.

"T" Development and Sales continues to this day in the making of the T-Patch. Still family owned, the quality, testing, and control of the manufacturing of the product continues by and under the control of the family that created it, refusing to compromise the standard of performance the product is renowned for.

"T" Development and Sales operations and sales are conducted out of Alamo, California.


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